Sheffield culture Saturday 19th October

On this Saturday when neither Sheffield team played football (Wednesday played Friday and United are playing Monday); there was the last day of Beer Festival at Kelham Island and penultimate week of off the Shelf festival. Also on Fargate international food stalls.

I saw 4 crime author Off the Shelf events at the Millennium gallery.

1 afternoon, 7 authors (Off Shelf book festival crime afternoon)

The location 9f the Off the Shelf events allowed, me to view photos from September 28th photo marathon challenge on display in the Winter gardens. Entrants had 6 topics to take a photo to represent. The winning photos for each topic was seen enlarged with other entrants in a collage. It was very effective seeing the collage for each theme and I did not agree with all the winners. The winner of the rainbow 🌈 category was the winner I most agreed with (see Instragram Wonderwall360 for the image in question).

I also had a look at this Now and Then exhibition in the millennium gallery. There was a clock showing what clocks would look like if days decided into units of 10 rather than hours of 60minutes each. There were 4 pairs of photos; showing the same vantage point of Sheffield from different ages. The only pity was that there was so few of these pairs of photos and not much else in exhibition. There was a light and disco ball installation; which was pretty and fun for kids; but not sure what it was trying to convey.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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