1 afternoon, 7 authors (Off Shelf book festival crime afternoon)

Off Shelf Festival collated a group of author events into an afternoon termed crime afternoon; Nicci French then JP Delaney and Danuta Kot then Elly Griffiths and Simon Beckett and finally Louise Candlish. This gave insights into the process of writing and publishing books.

Author names

Over half the author’s wrote under a pseudonym of sorts. Firstly Nicci French is actually a husband and wife writing team who have amalgamated their names; Nicci Gerrard and Sean French. As there first book was about a woman they chose a woman’s name. JP Delaney is male but as Girl before was about two women he was advised to use initials so his sex was not obvious.

Ellie Griffith was chosen as as a pseudonym when first crime book written to distinguish from earlier books. It was mentioned that Danuta had written under a different names but that was not explained. From quick research it seems Danuta Kot is her real name but she has previously released books set in Sheffield as Danuta Rhea.

Audio versions of books

Kot and Delaney both read from their books and was asked if they had wanted to read audio version of their book, they admitted they both would like to. Kot said did not like narration of her latest book as narrater did voices. Delaney admitted he realises actors were needed because from recording author’s note of his latest he realised not as easy as just reading.

Candlish covers and titles

Candlish revealed author’s are consulted over title and cover, but do not necessarily get final say and there can be lots of battles on these subjects. I know S has a book called Lullaby in UK and Pefect Nanny elsewhere. I asked her about this when, I saw her and she said Lullaby was her title and what she prefers.

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