Favourite musicals: We will you rock you VS Everybody’s talking about Jamie


I’m particular about the musicals I watch. I want a good music and a proper storylines. Lots of musicals are just a series of songs, loosely connected. As my preferred type of music is indie / rock then sometimes musical music can be a bit dreary for me. Two musicals that fit the criteria are therefore my top two are: We will Rock you are Everybody’s Talking about Jamie. But which is my favourites?

Performances seen

I first saw We Will Rock you in 2003 or 2004. I loved it! I have since seen an amateur group perform it in Sheffield, a version at Sheffield arena and last week at Lyceum Sheffield.

I first saw Everybody’s Talking about Jamie at the Sheffield premiere in February 2017. I went to see it in January 2018 when it transferred to London. Later in 2018, I saw it at Sheffield showroom showing it live from London. I have tickets to see it again in Sheffield in February. There is a film version, coming out next October, which I definitely want to watch; I may glimpse myself it it as was an extra in the final scene.


We will Rock you is set in a dystopian future where rock and roll 🎸 has been eradicated by brainwashing memories of rock songs and even who let the dogs out, from peoples’ memories. Watching it this time, I saw someone similarities from the Yesterday as a few people can remember rock. Those who remember are on a quest to find last remaining guitar and play proper rock again. There is even romance a long way! I like the positive female roll model.

In Everybody’s Talking about Jamie, Jamie is a 16year old boy facing his GCSE exams but more focussed on his dreams of being a drag Queen. He wants to go to his prom is drag. The show ends at his prom. It is set in Sheffield, so I like the Sheffield references.

Timelessness of shows

I like rewatching We will Rock you as it is brought up to date with references of current music. Also in latest performance it referenced non binary sexuality.

The subject of drag in Everybody’s Talking about Jamie is very current. However, drag is already becoming increasingly msinstrain so in 16 years time will Everybody’s Talking About Jamie feel dated, or will it be a fresh as We Will Rock You?


Both have laughs in them!

Music 🎵 🎶

We will Rock you is based upon Queen music which is fantastic and also references some other classics and some cheese like My milkshake…

Everybody’s talking about Jamie music was written by writter from the band Feeling. Love opening number and have the soundtrack.

Final Verdict

I think after seeing it this week and despite thinking atmosphere in theatre was slightly lacking (maybe because back of stalls underneath balcony ceiling?), that my favourite musical is We will Rock you. Yes they both have a good plot and good music but it is hard to beat Queen music and that gives it the ultimate edge. Also think We will Rock you stands test of time better because it is easier to update.

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