The girl šŸ‘§ with the pearl earring book review

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Lucy Locket book šŸ“š challenge

The girl with the pearl earring. Similarities to the miniaturist as sent in similar era in Holland. It was centred around a painting, who had to have everything he was painting just so, therefore again echoes of The Miniaturist. However, that is where similarities end; The girl with the pearl earring is so much better than The Miniaturist! It is not really a spoiler to say the he story starts with a maid going to work for the artist and his wife. The artist wants to paint her but the last maid he painted was dismissed in disgrace. How can she satisfy both her employers? Does she love the artist? There is also a butcher in love with her, does she love him? Basically there is complex, rich plot which offers suspense!

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