Being green / National reusuable cup day

Today is apparently national reusable cup day. Randomly without knowing this I impulsively had a take aware hot chocolate which previously has occurred once in blue moon so, did not have reusable cup with me.
However, I did go through September without buying any new clothes for myself, but did get new clothes due ot attending a clothes swap in Union Street care Sheffield. The next clothes swap at this location is 30th November. I took a whole suitcase of clothes that don’t fit / suit me anymore,  In September I also went to a plant swap; like clothes swap this means getting stuff want for free. I think it probably does have some benefits to environment compared to say buying plants from garden centre as means less packaging, no new plant pots produced.
In terms of recycling at home have a recycling bin for paper and another for glass, plastic metal. I do separate accordingly. In terms of plastic it is only plastic type 1 and 2 which is basically just plastic bottles. As part of national recycling week last year, Learnt about checking base of plastic products for symbol showing which plastic number it is. I know that soft i.e   plastic carrier bags, plastic from around magazines /cards etc.. can not go in my home recycling bin as they get tangled round recycling machine and cause issues. However as this type of plastic is clean and dry and can be stored at home then I do collect it, I have been carrying through a carrier bag full of the soft plastic I have collected in recent weeks and will drop it in too supermarket carrier bag recycling bin tonight. I also save tetra orange juice carton and take those to Hillsborough Morrisons to be recycled.  I have a compost bin although recently put less in it as neighbour spotted rats in our garden so been wary of encouraging them. Anything that goes into Sheffield general waste bins is incinerated rather than landfilled, this incineration produces energy which is used for power. Therefore beyond what mentioned I do not recycle further because anything in general waste is producing power and already bins for separating waste take up space in my kitchen and saving recyclables that can not put in own outdoor bin can be smelly and as not got car not easy to take to recycling centres.
It is not always easy to do the most green option as need to balance between other needs. I know people can get very worried and guilty about taking a convenience route rather than most environmentally friendly but if you are trying most the time that is enough. If all people made efforts then occasional personal blip would be fine.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence using wondewall as blog name.

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