Summer Checklist Summary

After a beautiful sunny ☀️ in Sheffield on Saturday since then seen rain ☔️ everyday. Still hoping for another odd summer day but, don’t think will be many.

This is a summary of what I have achieved from Elsie LMC summer checklist. I have checked the items off on Wonderwall360 Instragram. I think my total was 31. What is your total?

Over summer I went on a fantastic cruise around British isles and that helped me check items off the list. I wrote several posts about my cruise. British Isle Cruise Summary

1. Go on a hike

Lots of walks. Including walking up Man Tor and multi day walking part of Limestone way.

Post Limestone Way Multi Day Walk Weekend Pampering

3. See sunset

Saw sunset 🌅 on way back when climbed Mam Tor.

7. Go on bike 🚲 ride. Bought a bike in summer so have been out riding it.

8. Have a spa night.

Post Limestone Way Multi Day Walk Weekend Pampering

9. Meet new people. Met various people including did not know a girl walked Limestone way with.

10. Go to a festival. Went to Tramlines.

13. Wear a bright item of clothing. Have worn bright yellow dress a couple of times and bought bright yellow sandals.

Worn brightly coloured Lucy Locket leggings for walks, cycling, yoga, Pilates and on cruise.

If you are interested in seeing what Lucy Locket leggings look 👀 like and potentially buying, please use my Lucy Locket referral link (which will help me buy more leggings):

14. Have a movie marathon. Giving self one point for this, did not have movie marathon but did watch one film with fuzz and popcorn. Therefore awarding myself 1 point out of the possible 2.

Book Club Film Review

15. Have a picnic. On cruise had train picnics on train to and from Southampton and lots of picnics on days outs from the ship 🚢

18. Read a book 📖 outside. Have read books on cruise ship deck, my garden and Hillsborough walled garden.

19. Lie down and watch clouds ☁️

20. Walk barefoot on grass. Have walked barefoot on my grass.

For bonus points:

Have seen butterflies 🦋, buzzing bees 🐝 in my garden and cloudless blue skies on the lovely sunny days have had over summer.

On the cruise ate ice cream 🍦 Guernsey, Orkney and on ship itself. Also ate ice cream 🍦 on Mam Tor walks and Limestone way walk.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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