The Hornbeam Tree (spoiler free review)

The hornbeam tree by Susan Lewis. The first and only Lewis read before was a missing girl type thriller. This one was different and did not enjoy as much. It was multi layered; there was a couple embroiled in affairs, a Mother suffering terminal cancer with a teenage daughter getting mixed up with a bad crowd and a couple separated by geography just after admitting feelings for each other, due to the woman returning to England due to her sister’s terminal diagnosis (the aforementioned Mother. The strand of narrative that tied them all together was my least favourite; it was about governments / terrorist and a bit technical and unengaging. I don’t think the terrorist / government story created the drama / suspense the author had intended. Unless she intended for focus to be more on the characters; who were well developed engaging characters undergoing challenging times. But felt like terrorist / government strand detracted rather than added to the book.

End of review

Apart from little spoiler …….

If she had wanted to make more of terrorist / government angle she could have made clearer it was about a 9/11 conspiracy theory.

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