Final weekend of Heritage week and Castlegate festival

Saturday morning I did a tour of Crookesmoor drains. Followed an old tram route, so could see remains of that in pavement; cut off electric poles and grates of electric boxes. Saw ironmongery from Victorian times. Also from Victorian times, the metal grates marking first home phones in Sheffield at end of 19th century, close to Victorian sewage lamp (looks better than sounds) and VR post box.

The afternoon of this sunny Saturday was spent in Victoria Quays which was focus that day of Castlegate festival. There was music, stalks and boats to look at as generally enjoyed fabulous sun next to water.

Sunday rain returned. I explored Manor lodge where Queen Mary was once imprisoned. Much of it is in ruins but the turret house has been preserved. In turret house enjoyed spending time with an actress playing Bess Hardcastle. The Manor was owned by her last husband. Bess built the original Chatsworth (which was knocked down and rebuilt by her grandson) and Hardwick Hall that remains. She lived to an incredible age for the time of 81 years old and therefore influenced history of area around Sheffield and it was good to learn more about her.

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