All I know about love by Dolly Alderton

I read this book for a book club. I already new Dolly from reading her Sunday times column. This book is wildler than the column; I did not realise she had been such a party animal; drinking and taking drugs. In that sense her life has similarities with Caitlin Morin. For the same book club, we have previously read How to build a girl. Carlin Moran writes for Saturday tunes so I have not read her column. However her book How to build a girl were based upon her hedonistic days.

Although I have never taken drugs I could emphasise with various parts of the book; (I think) think been single more than I have been in a couple during my adult life. Certainly I have been in an out of relationships rather than having a long term relationship. Nothing will change chapter (p131) was poignantly about how friends moving on with their lives (getting boyfriend, engaged, married, having a baby) affects the life of a single girl.

Some parts had me literally laughing out loud

  • Her getting a taxi in the middle of night fri. London to Birmingham.
  • The exchange of texts from Dolly on her friend’s India’s friend to a colleague if India’s about bins.

Surprisingly there was not much actually about different men, it was more about life in general. Dolly is not yet 30, so still on a journey, it felt like she wanted to end her book with some kind of epiphany but, it was a bit weak and blah, apart from one quote near end I liked.

The quote was:

Break ups get harder with every year you get older. When you are younger you lose a boyfriend. As you get older you lose a life together.

Overall enjoyable read and should be an interesting one to discuss at book club!

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