Multi Day Walking: Limestone way


Introduction: My view on multi day walking

What I packed


Would I pack differently?

Conclusion: Limestone way weekend


Introduction: My view on multi day walking

As a teenager I did Duke of Edinburgh expeditions where had to walk between campsites carrying tent, sleeping bag, all clothes and all food for weekend. It was from because bag so heavy and weight hurt back, shoulders and caused foot blisters. To me, it seemed an illogical way to organise. I have also camped at festivals. Now I feel beyond camping and at end of day walking want a mattress and hot shower.

This weekend was a fair compromise as walked Saturday and Sunday and stayed at Youth Hostel overnight, meaning had mattress and shower. As only two days and warm September days, was careful to not overpack and it was feesible to pack minimally.

What I packed

Warning ⚠️ this section may contain TMI

From my usual day rucksack took out hat, scarf, gloves, 1 long sleeved top, binoculars, head torch.

Kept in bag, waterproofs, fleece top, long sleeve zip up sweater. Blister plasters, whistle, water bottle, silver bivi bag, spare laces and inhaler.

Phone 📱

Phone charger

Purse 👛

Took just front door key 🔑 rather than whole bunch of keys.

Leggings and clean t-shirt which changed in to end of day 1 and wore for 2nd day. Accidentally had 2 clean t-shirts as had changed mind which one taking but both sneaked in. Started day 1 in Lucy Locket Penguin 🐧 leggings then second pair were dinosaurs.

If you are interested in buying Lucy Locket leggings, please my referral link (photos of my leggings are on Instragram 360.

Large t-shirts to sleep 💤 in along with knickers as sharing room otherwise or with partner, to save weight would probably have dispensed with nightmare.

Clean knickers for 2nd day. Wore same sports bra both days for walking and went braless day 1 evening.

Mooncup. I packed it, just in case but then had to use from start day 1. Great for walking as walked all day without changing.

Sachets of shampoo, conditioner. Used day 1 top as a towel.

Suncream which doubled as moisturiser and we did have sun ☀️:)

Sunglasses which wore for a bit both days

Baseball cap which only wore Sunday


Toothbrush and mini tube of toothpaste.

Thin socks 🧦 for day 1

Clean walking socks 🧦 day 2 (could have worn same pair both days but, had to guard against possibility of soaking socks

Slippers 🥿 from a spa, wore around hostel after left boots walked in, at  the door on the way in to hostel.


I took a packed lunch for the Saturday daytime. Then bought evening meal and breakfast at Youth Hostel stayed at. Also paid for packed lunch for Sunday at Youth hostel. Therefore this minimised food weight but, was more expensive option than taking food for Sunday breakfast and lunch (these 2 meals combined cost about £12).

Would I pack differently?

I suspected would not need fleece,and think would it  older been ok with knowledge top and waterproof coat.

Think waterproof get carried for miles without being  workout that is just standard.

I did consider taking  lightweight sandals, they would have been handing to change into for journey back on the Sunday. On way back I called in at Art in The Gardens in Sheffield, but I desperate to get home to take boots off and therefore this pre entered looking in detail at Art a  curtailed the event

I don’t think I missed anything.

Conclusion Limestone way weekend

We took a bus from Sheffield to Bakewell. We were then due to get another bus but, just missed it because of rind first bus took. Instead we got a taxi to Youlgreave which took about 10minutes. We started walking a long Limestone way. We did 13miles on Saturday to get to the Youth Hostel.

I have shared on Wonderwall360 Instragram some of Saturday’s highlights including, drinking hot chocolate with ice cream in, library in phone box and farmed peacocks.

On Sunday walked from Youth Hostel to Castleston. This was 10miles. We then got a bus back to Sheffield.

I have shared on Wonderwall360 Instragram some of Sunday’s highlights including seeing highland cows, ice cream 🍦 at the end in Castleton and defibrillator in phone box.

Good weather all weekend but Sunday was better if the two – very much ice cream 🍦 weather!

In summary was enjoyable weekend as racked up some miles in a enjoyable way (without it being impinged by carrying too much weight) and between walks had good nights sleep on a mattress, good food and a shower 🙂

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