6 for Sunday: Books that could (should) be studied in school

What should be studied in school? A question posed by http://alittlebutalot.com/2019/08/11/s4s-perfect-fictional-holiday-destinations/

Tough one. I had to ask around about this and not sure how much believe in choices. People said classics but, students can be out off by classics as they are two advanced when at school. However, if did not study at school when would you? Perhaps worth introducing certain classics at school but, hey is trying to make them accessible.

1. Shakespeare?

Certainly some of the stories are good, but language can be so off putting. Therefore this is a good example, of where good teaching needed. Perhaps read modern version first, before looking at actual language in it.Or watch film or theatre show.

The language may seem old fashioned and outdated, yet we still use some today. Therefore if is a case of teaching in way to make students appreciate the language. Not sure how; I still in 30s can not get grad around Shakespeare.

Maybe if had to picn Romeo and Juliet for teenagers as characters similar age and bri fa up themes of young love and suicide.

2. Think introducing Dickens is good. The Dickens I’m most aware of is Oliver Twist and Scrooge. In essence Scrooge and Oliver Twist are good stories and examples of Victorian literature. That being said, Scrooge concept of ghosts past, present and future, comes up in range of places; even seen it as Holby City storyline; I’m a bit bored of it now and it has become cliched, for me.

3. Inspector calls. I studied this as school and enjoyed. It is good at looking at how one persons actions could affect someone else and cause them to commit suicide.

4. Wonder. I don’t know it but apparently is studied in some schools already as deals with how handle those with facial deformity.

5. Following on from 4. Regarding using the study of literature to look at treating those different to you, could study a book looking at racism. We read Roll of Thunder hear me cry at school. Or of course lots of people will say To Kill a Mocking bird. I read To Kill a Mockingbird as an adult after hearing people say how it was a must read so perhaps it was overhyped for me, I was not wowed by it.

5. 1984. Interesting how much of this book that was futuristic when written has come true, therefore interesting book to study. Can debate how much controlled by big brother state compared to how much people willingly submit their own data for example social media. To make accessible could possibly compare with YA book that covers similar themes.


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