August 2019 summary


Mother in law – a slow burning thriller.

The other women by Nicola Moriety. This book was about women who did not want children taking a stand against Mother’s. I did not like this concept at first as I want to be a Mother and appreciate life can be hard for all women; however the book ends up making point that women should support each other.

My Mother’s secret by Shelia Flannagon. Not too shocking a secret in some ways bout shocking way revealed.

Overcoming Anxiety by Dr Tim Cantopher. Think explains anxiety well and makes good points such as if felt nothing would be socio path. Nothing revelatory in treatment section for me, but may be for others who are newer to the topic and therefore researched less than me.

Lucy Locket Happy Healthy Strong. Billed as not a self help book.

Rosie Result

Rosie Project Series

Two wartime sagas that entertained me: Birds in spring by Evelyn Hood and Empty Hearth by Kitty Neale.

Dear Teacher by Jack Sheffield. Mildly interesting about a year in a life of a headteacher at a small school in the 1980s.

The pretties by Scot Westfield. Not my usual type of book being YA. Some 1984 type themes.


Friends fest a festival dedicated to the tv show Friends. Saw sets of Joey’s, Monica and Ross’s apartments, central perk and Phoebe’s taxi 🚖. Great videos of myself and friends in theme tune. Photos in wedding dress and Monica’s prom dress. Some photos are on Instragram Wonderwall360.

There was elevated number of books read this month as at beginning of month was signed off work with anxiety.

Self care, anxiety books and bullet journal

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