Jasmine’s blog: End of fringe

Busy couple of days as Saturday and Sunday was spent dismantling tidying up all venues being using. Long days with 9am starts. Although Sunday we did go out for a long tram lunch. Then on Sunday night as our reward for summer’s hard work, had end of season party 🎉Lots of choruses of venue 45 and anthems of our time. It was a very late night / early morning.

Yesterday was mostly a duvet day to recover from the night before and the fringe. Last night a few of us who were still around met on Cannon Hill to watch Virgin Money fireworks. The fireworks are set to classical music. We could only dimly hear the music. But the fireworks against backdrop of castle were spectacular. I have seen fireworks over Castle when I attended the tattoo preview and several times after that I have happened to be on the streets when the tattoo finished, but the ones last night were on a different level!

I have loved working at the fringe. I have seen some fabulous shows but, sorry not reviewed as many as intended as often rushed from one show to another. My favourite show is still the weekend Child. I won’t name, my least liked as from talking to the actors / comedians when they have come into the box office I know how much work and money they put into their shows so unfair to criticise them. Anyway the bad ones were still experience those 30-60 mins may have seemed long but they were less than an hour each of my time and saw so many free shows that, the bad ones have not spoiled the experience.

I will definitely come back for the fringe sometime, maybe even come back with some kind of show of my own!!!! However, next year between 2nd and 3rd year I would like to do venture further afield for a summer experience.

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