Rosie Project Series

I have just read the latest book in the series; the third called the Rosie result. The books centre around Don who possibly has undiagnosed autism and Rosie. The first book is about him trying to find a partner as there is two more books in the series it is no spoiler to say he ends up with Rosie, I recommend reading how as it is funny and there are twists and turns. In the second book they have a son called Hudson. The third book jumps forward 10years or so to Hudson being 11.

Hudson has problems at school, school want him tested for autism. Don has never being tested for autism. Testing for autism was not done (or least not widely) 30 years ago. Therefore I think there is a generation of 30 / 40 / 50 year olds in the workplace; that today would have been diagnosed with autism. How would a diagnosis of autism have affected those diagnosed would they be doing better jobs, be happier … Or would their creativity have been quelled, their potential stifled by being labelled autistic and therefore expectations of them lowered? These are the dilemmas Rosie and Don face trying to decide whether to have Hudson tested. If autism is a spectrum to what extent is Hudson just a typical child?

The book is thought provoking, in terms of autism and also the expectations of Mother’s in work place verses Fathers.

I look forward to the next instalment in the Rosie series.

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