Jasmine’s blog: Dog 🐶 tearing up fringe programme photo

Check out my Instragarm posted such cute pic of doc surrounded by shredded programme. Only cute as I did not have to clear up!!! It is dog at Airbnb where I’m staying over summer. Not ideal having a dog around or the sharing bathroom, with so many people. I have been spoilt being an only child and always having own room. Even student life not bad as Dad bought a house in Sheffield so I have chosen own housemates. He says he remembers Emma sharing with Tilly and did not want same for me. He thought I should get own place in Edinburgh but, even sharing is costing more than what earning. It is only evened out by the free tickets I get for shows. So it is cheap way to do festival but not really earning. Luckily as Dad owns the Sheffield house I gave no rent there and he pays me money from my housemates rent money so it was not essential for me to earn this summer. I’m hoping that I might get some ideas of what I can do with my degree. If you missed my post about my degree, check it out here.

Don’t forget to check out that dog pic on Instragram.

Wonderwall360 instragram

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