Jasmine’s blog: A tribute to my Dad.

As today (1st August), it is my Dad’s birthday I thought I would write about his career.

He grew up near Winchester with a younger sister.

He studied anthropology at Edinburgh university.

After university, he travelled for several years. Gaining a broad knowledge of different countries and a dodgy yin and yang tattoo in India. He continued a hedonistic lifestyle by becoming a tv presenter; lots of partying. He says he has been to lots of premieres and award ceremonies and their after parties but, he is hazy on the details of what they were as he says he enjoyed the party part so much.

My Dad now owns a cafe / deli called Belleville, which he bought with inheritance from his money and help from his wife Emma. He used to regularly work there, but now that has a manager so he just pops in now and again. He is also owns 2 flats that he lets out and with inherritence from my Gransfather he bought a house for me to live in whilst I’m studying in Sheffield..

My Dad has restarted a tv production company after previously winding it down. He says his interest is in travel features therefore he spends time doing what he calls ‘research’ for travel programmes and also keeping eye out for products for Belle ville. To the outsider, this could be misconstrued as taking lots of holidays.

My Dad is good at holidays, I have enjoyed many with him. I attribute my love of dance to the holidays taken with him:

  • Evening family discos – dancing to chart music.
  • The glamorous belly dancers, in Turkey, who I thought looked like Jasmine from Aladdin with their cropped tops.
  • A couple of years ago a salsa lesson in Trinidad, Cuba.

My Dad thinks, I should try to work as a dancer because I enjoy, it so much. For example, he thought I could have a gap year or over summer work- on a cruise ship dancing and then he would film it and I could be the new Jane Macdonald. I enjoy dancing, but do not think I’m good at it and certainly do not want my Dad filming me. Instead I’m spending the summer in Edinburgh and hope to get to experience Scottish dancing (ceilidh) as my parents had a ceilidh at their wedding and perhaps see some shows with dance in.

Right now my Dad is spending his birthday in on the island of Tahiti which is part of the French Polynesia group of islands which are halfway between California and Australia. He decided to go there after reading they were having a solar eclipse. Unfortunately he has missed the solar eclipse as it happened on 2ndJuly2019 but, he says it should be a relaxing beach holiday. Hope he has a good day today. He has not quite had a conventional career and partly his lifestyle is funded by inheritance but, it is enviable he gets to spend his birthday in such a glamorous location. Happy birthday Dad! Sure you will enjoy!

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