July Summary

Finished more books this month than any month so far in 2019. Because had more time to read as holiday, finished Three Wishes which been reading for months when at my parents and listened to One Day on audio book.

British Isle Cruise Summary


What happened that night by Shalia Flanagon. Read whilst visiting Ireland.

What happened that Night book review

The Girl who came home, a fictional book about the Titanic which heard al ot about on holiday as cruised from Southampton to Cobh and Belfast.

Anyone read any fictional stories based upon the Titanic – Review of the Girl who came home

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarity.

This was a reread which still enjoyed second time round. It is about grown up triplets. It is a good story around interesting complex characters. I like the touch of the little chapters interspersed, through book where there is anecdotes from people with no real connection to the triplets that remember them being so noticeable as triplets.

Cuckoo by Sophie Drapper. A reasonable thriller.

My name is Emma Barton. Like Olive Kitteridge by same author, it is a book where not much happens, knowing this was author’s style, unlike with Olive then I could accept and enjoy as was not waiting for anything in particular to happen. Aesthetically my copy’s front cover consisted of two leaves with a cut out square on top cover to peek at second cover.

One day. Love this book. Would have loved a sequalae but in absence of a sequalae I have attempted to imagine what happened next and document by writing blog as Dexter’s daughter; Jasmine To help me write Jasmine’s blog I have been listening to it on audio book. I have also dipped into my battered copy. In the process of research I discovered this year was 10th anniversary of One Day being published and a anniversary addition has been published with a yellow cover and extract of Nicholas’s new book (not read it yet).

Listening to One Day I have found it more amusing than the two times I have read it.

Links to the blog posts so far that I have written for Jasmine’s blog are in the attached and there will be more during August.


First Man


Yesterday – loved it!

Yesterday Film Review

Christopher Robin

Watched this in background; I guess it was charming if cliched story of Christopher Robin as a stressed out adult rediscovering childhood joys through his old friend’s Winnie Poo and go.

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