Yesterday Film Review


Such a good film! It had: fabulous music, strong plot featuring both; romance, and comedy, it was thought provoking and poignant with quality acting. My review which goes into these points in more detail is spoiler free until just at the end which I have clearly labelled.


Music 🎶



Thoughts provoked

SPOILER ALERT 🚨 The ending

Music 🎶

As the show is all about Beetles music, as long as you don’t mind Beatles music. For me it was the Beatles songs I like best; the rockier ones some are slower and for me a bit dreary. There is such a range of Beatles songs, that it is hard to hate everyone and if you do then this world where they have influenced so much, is a tough one for you. Admittedly as a teenager I was taken to Liverpool, and a tour that included Beatles sites. I can not remember which sites, but I can remember being bored and unimpressed by Casbah but then, I did not know it’s history so could not imagine it’s former atmosphere. As it was I was there in dimly lit, unglamorous basement with hardly anyone else and a small cut out of Beatles on stage. Later that same summer, there was a series of programmes about the Beatles which I refused to watch with my parents.

Subsequently, I have been to Abbey Road, Penny Lane, Paul Mcartney and John Lennon’s childhood homes.


No spoiler, as you get from the trailer, that this is about a world where seemingly only one person remembers the Beatles he is called Jack.. How this happens is not explained in detail; this is not a sc fun movie. You just have to accept and not question how it happens that no one else around him remembers the Beatles and then go with the flow of the film. There is a romance strand to the film. Comedy comes from Jack parents. For example, in one scene Ed Sherran calls round and the Dad is oblivious.


Himesh Patel is sterling as Jack. Lily James’s character seemed very similar to that in Geurnsey potato pie; sweet and gentle. Sarah Lancaster is so talented at accents in this she does a Liverpudlian accent. Ed Sherran playing himself managed to do it un-self-consciousnessly and therefore did not distract from the plot.

Thought provoking

In a world where many young people want to be famous this raises questions about the impact of fame.

It is also thought provoking thinking about how the world could be different without the Beatles and how the lives of the Beatles members would be different if they had not become famous. I have had to google some of the references from the film.

The film states there would not be coke cola without the Beatles.

The above article gives more examples, to what is mentioned in the film such as no Linda Mcartney sausages kand Stella Mcartney fashion and no Thomas Tank with Ringo’s voice; which has soothed so many autistic children. The film also mentions no Harry Potter without Beatles but not been able to find the logic behind them.

It is debatable the affect not having the Beatles would have had on the music scene. They were just one band. But no other band in history have had so many songs. They can claim many firsts; appearing in own films, double albums etc… but surely without Beatles someone else would have got there first.

Without the Beatles there would be no Wonderwall360 blog or instragram. As without the Beatles there would be no Oasis. Liam would not have a son called Liam. Noel would not have had fish called Lennon and Mcartney.

The ending

Overall feel good film.


It was a lovely touch that in the film John got to 78years and counting and happy. A happy ending in itself. Then of course Jack gets his girl after twists and turns.

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