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I’m currently between years 1 and 2 of my first year at Sheffield university studying for a BA in music and philosophy. I was not really sure what to study as not sure what want to do as a career. My Dad said go for what interested in and then afterwards will find way. Although he says as he is now a business man then business could be useful. My Mum surprisingly also thought business could be a good choice. My Mum also strongly favoured law. My Mum started as a researcher on tv shows that is how she met my Dad as he was a tv presenter at the time. After she split up with my Dad and married her second husband Callum she gave up work for a while to be a full time Mum although it was a role they came with a lot of holiday time. Whilst the two of them was on holiday I stayed with Dad and when I was not at school or occasionally when I should have been we went on holidays. When my Mum divorces Callum when I was 8 she became a legal secretary, this is how she met her third husband Tony and 4th husband Mark who are both solicitors. My Mum thinks law is a solid well paid career.

I looked at some law courses but was not sure, that was what wanted to do. I then started looking at other courses they could do a law conversion after. I like idea of being in court; I did drama at A level and from the screen it looks dramatic. However, no it is not that glamorous; Tony does something legal to do with companies and tax liabilities and Mark deals with house conveying which is when people use a solicited to buy and sell houses. Neither of them usually go to court they are in office most of the time, maybe seeing a few clients. Sounds interesting being involved in people buying houses but, Mark often does not meet the clients in person as they can just be posted the paperwork they need and then post it back when sign or leave it at the reception.

I’m interesting in people. I have wondered about teaching but,not got any experience of children as I’m an only child. I would have liked to have studied psychology or philosophy which they offered at local college but, my Mum insisted I stayed at my school six form. I had to wear a school uniform until I was nearly 18 and a half!!! From walking home 18year olds with tight white shirt and a skirt are leachroue men’s dream.

So I looked for degree courses featuring philosophy or psychology. This one caught my eye because also music. I love music! My parents say I have always since being a baby responded positively to music. I liked singing in the choir at school. The only instrument I have ever played is recorder at primary school. I’m unusual on my course because everyone play’s at least one if not more instruments! I’m thinking of asking for a guitar for Christmas though. Usually you need a music A level for the course but, I discussed my interest in philosophy with admissions guy and because my drama A level shows interest in performance I was accepted on to the course on the proviso that I would need to do more philosophy than music modules. Which is suiting me just fine as the philosophy modules are more interesting apart from popular music module this year. I have met so many people, because in first year no compulsory modules so everyone has different combinations of modules.

Last year I studied the following modules;

Introduction to music and psycholgy

Loved the idea of studying some psycholgy.

World Music

This was a lot about Africain music, I have nothing against Africains, but, got bit bored and wished it had been more diverse geographically as thought it would be.

Popular music

This is music from 60s onwards; which is all my type of music.


Sounds morbid. I was fascinated whole module on death. The death of my Father’s Mother and his 2nd wife has had a big affect on him. His Father died 3 years ago but, that has had less of an effect on him. The module looks out how people respond to death and whether we should fear it or treat it as normal part of life.


I have weird tastes: death and sex necrophiliacs. It has been very topical looking at gender issues as well as issues such as consent.

Reason and Arguemenyt Think this should come in useful as it is all about justifying your views and expressing them.

Writing philosophy think this one will also be useful in degree especially considering not previously studied philosophy.

Self and society This is all about why need laws. I considered studying law. My step Father Tony is a solicited. My Mum thinks law is a good area to get into as it pays well. I could after my degree do a law conversion.

History of Ethics. 10 There is a lot of information to take in as includes history of Western philosophers concepts including Plato, Aristotle, Hume, Kant, Bentham, Mill, Nietzsche, Rawls and Gilligan.

Next year, I’m going to study:

Music promotion I want to learn about the business side, in case I want to go into that side.

Music and wellbeing I’m enjoying philosophy and also like idea of psychology so wonder whether could go into something like that helping people like children or dementia patients. My Mum’s has got dementia.

Feminism I want to know more about this. I’am a feminist. Last year I marched in London to commentate 💯 year’s since women got the vote.

Philosophy of the arts hopefully this module will link well with music.

Philosophy of education think this will be useful in case I decide to be a teacher.

Political philosophy this was the most relevant sounding course for if I decide to go into law. In 3rd year there is a module called Philosophy of law, which I will do if still interested in law.

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