Le Harve

Last port before arriving back in Southampton was Le Harve in France. On cruise itinerary it bills this as day for Paris. However Paris is actually a 3hour bus journey away. You really would have to pay for the excursion as trying to do it self is too risky if late back as would miss ship but cruise will wait for their excursion. The excursion was $299 dollars. Think as only there for day would only get few hours in Paris, with eurotunnel could for same price get to Paris and stay in hotel. Therefore, we just stayed in Le Harve. It was possible to do 10minute walk through port and be in the town.

We did a lot of walking on the day. The town was flattened by a bomb in 1944 therefore much of it was rebuilt after that. Carefully designed by an architect rather than rushed pre fabs which was a quick post war solution in some places. We saw the one remaining old building which was the cathedral Notre Dame. Which was damaged in bombing but eventually restored. In one nave all the wall collapsed but the crucifix survived. It is poignant that the hole left in Jesus’s side was not repaired. In contrast we also saw a modern church with people dashed walls. We also had an art gallery visit and outside there was a sculpture made up of brightly painted containers.

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