Cruise Cabin

We travelled with Princess Cruises.

The cabin had two single beds pushed together to form a giant super king size. When it was made up each night, as main focus point of room it made it look luxurious. Cabin had lots of mirrors to give impression of space. To side of door behind walk with dressing table they was in front of the bed there was ante room area with hanging rails and small wardrobe with shelves so this felt like a combination of having extra room at least to dress in and a walk in wardrobe. The bathroom door was also in this area. See instragram Wonderwall360 for pictures of cabin.

We had a cabin without window as balconies were extra. This meant cabin pitch black so good, if like complete darkness to sleep. Not so good if woke up first as too dark to read. On a future cruise, I would consider paying extra for a balcony maybe Uk to £200 extra. If had balcony could have room service breakfast for free on balcony or ordered other room service including dinner for a cost. Or brought food back from buffet, pizza bar or international cafe to eat on balcony. Perhapas could even smuggle drinks on board to drink on balcony.

There was a tv and hairdryer in cabin. All the sockets and affixed hair dryer and phone was in one small area so they was bit annoying as charger wires, hairdryer and phone wires kept getting tangled together. As using hairdryer or electronic devices it was possible to knock hairdryer or phone off it’s hook. On the same panel as sockets squeezed close there was light switch for lights over mirror so when trying to charge it was possible to accidentally switch light on or off. Therefore risk of leaving light on when leaving and one morning trying to plug charger in, accidentally turned light on.

The actual bathroom, was small and felt very low budget and plasticky particularly with shower curtain, which as they do, stuck to you. The bathroom could certainly be made more luxurious.

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