Greenock nearest port to Glasgow


Glasgow plan

What did in Greenock

Regrets missed day in Glasgow?

Glasgow plan

The cruise itinerary listed Glasgow from Greenock port . Therefore I had envisioned going to Glasgow. However upon, discovering during cruise to get to Glasgow it was 45minutes on bus from port or 10minute walk to train station then about 45minutes on the train we decided to stay in Greenock. Plus I had only been in Glasgow for a day last year and did not have anywhere in particular wanted to revisit.

What did in Greenock

Opting out of Glasgow

As we have both been to Glasgow, it is about 45minutes from the port and we had to back on ship by 5.30pm, we decided to stay in Greenock. We thought if had to get taxi to Glasgow, but actually could get buses from port for less £20 return or train station 10minutes walk, then 30minute journey to Glasgow.


The port is right in centre of Greenock. We had relaxed, day; a little wandering, dipping into shops and hot chocolate. We thought about visiting the McCleen Museum but it was closed whilst exhibitions were cleaned.

We picked up lists for a church trail and sculpture trail. We did not follow the church trail but on our travels did see several architecturally aesthetically pleasing churches. The sculpture leaflet also inspired trip into underpass to see tiles with Greenock streets on and lights behind meshwork of metal leaves (See instragram Wonderwall360 for pictures). We also saw Greenock sign and sculpture in front of that. We may have wander at least to see sculpture of Ginger the horse but, it was drizzly.

Regrets missed day in Glasgow?

I don’t really regret not going to Glasgow. Although if I had known about Willie sculpture trial (see forthcoming posts for Inverness and Edinburgh) for more details of the Willie sculptures).

Greenock was tame but after busy days in Guernsey and Ireland (x3), it was pleasant to have calmer day; mooch in Greenock in morning and relaxing afternoon on ship. Plus we saved money by eating lunch on board which was free in our package rather than on shore which would have paid for.

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