What want to do

Titanic museum

Belfast other attractions

Would I go back?

What want to do

The main thing we wanted to do in Belfast was Titanic museum.


Upon disembarking from cruise ship we were told could walk to Titanic Museum 50minutes. To get to the museum walked through centre therefore coming back from centre for embarking later in day was even quicker. Therefore pleased walked rather than taking shuttle bus cruise offers for 16euros.

The Titanic Museum did not disappoint, there were three / four floors of exhibits taking you right through the story including film of when the Titanic wreck was found at the bottom of the ocean.

Belfast other attractions

Walked around cathedral quarter where there was a photo exhibition and some street art. Stumbled upon a community project aiming to improve Belfast. Took part in survey about Belfast where used strand of wool to weave around answers to questions on wall.

Also upon my boyfriend’s request visted both Belfast university; the second was archtichecwlly impressive but a long trek to get to. I deserved my hop house 13 refreshment at Robinson pub.

Would I go back?

Possibly city had pleasant feel, but seen parts wanted to see.

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