Titanic book- Review of the Girl who came home

Whilst going round the titanic museum, in Belfast I was thinking it could be interesting to read a fictional Titanic book. In the Belfast museum and in Southampton and Cobh experience where I had been on preceding days I had heard many interesting true stories of people who by a twist a fate, either ended up being on the boat or off the boat. In the Cobh experience it also talked about the real people the fabrication of Jack and Rose’s story from Titanic film was based upon. Therefore I thought the event offered potential for creating fictional stories. Then in the gift shop there was a few options to choose from. I narrowed it down to 2 – can not remember what the other one was. The one I bought was The girl who came home by Hazel Gayner. The story was based, on the real story of an Irish village that had 14 people on the Titanic. The story centres on one of the survivors, who had been reluctantly travelling to US to live following Mother’s death. She was reluctant as it meant leaving behind her lover therefore she left hoping to return when she could. The way the story is told it, seems as following her rescue she ended up in the US and therefore it is alluded that she married American, therefore left guessing about her former lover. Do they ever get to reunite? My lips are sealed – but there is a fantastic twist at the end!
I read this book during cruise after just after leaving Ireland; therefore the setting added to the experience of the book particularly as I did go on the ship’s lifeboats as they were used at certain ports to shuttle passengers to the shore for excursions. Regardless off ideal setting I read it in snd having time to devour, I think this was a stellar book. If this is typical of Titanic books; I want to read another one!
Can anyone recommend similar books to read?

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