What happened that Night book review

I picked this book, up from a charity shop and decided, I would take it on my British Isle cruise as the blurb mentioned Dublin, which was one of the port’s we were to visit. It turned out to be very apt; not just for the Dublin angle but, also because it centred around jewalary. Each chapter of the book, has one sentence in italics about fine jewallary or previous stones. Jewallaey is apt to read and think about on holiday. I have jewellery, I have bought on holiday or been given from other people’s holidays (some of which I was wearing on the cruise; including the red earrings I bought in Cobh (€5 made by local lady). I visted the onboard jewellery shop and even tried on a yellow solitarie diamond; alas at 20thousand dollars it was slightly out of my price range. It was exhilarating to try on and helped to understand the characters in the book who were selling and buying such jewellery that the complex and satisfying plot centred around.

*WARNING some minor plot points revealed* but many of complex plot layers not mentioned.

The prologue of the book was set in what was termed ‘now’ and ended with a character being plunged into darkness. The first chapter was then set in what was termed ‘then’, which was in eighties Dublin. Lola in her early 20s meets a man she likes, called Philip who’s family owned a jewellery brand. Lola is surprised, by what she saw as a pre mature proposal, which takes place in Phillip’s jewellery shop. She says no which prompts him to react badly. Consequently when she discover’s she is pregnant, she does not tell him about the baby. The book, takes through life of baby Bey, with several plot layers into Bey’s adulthood. I enjoyed reading it all, towards the end when reached the now, I was eager to find out ‘what happened that night’.

Ending Discuussion *Major SPOILER ALERT *

When I got to the end, I was a little confused, that there was not a reveal of what happened when lights went out, so it felt anti climatic. Then I realised that, was the bit where her Father’s put his hand on her shoulder. Basically, what happened when the lights went out, was not as dramatic as I had anticipated. The ending / prologue creating suspense and in a way it is clever that the suspense was not delivered upon. Plus get what looks to be a happy ending.

The other major drama, is Bey’s abduction however that is tempered by knowing from the prologue that Bey survives. I’m not sure whether news of her abductors death was a red herring or just because the author wanted a satisfactory conclusion to that story. Although I did wonder with him dying a month after her abduction whether, Richard killed him. I know given Bey did not reveal much, about attack it is unlikely. However, it was Christmas Day so, there can not have been many cars on the road… if Richard with power or money had somehow identified man from his car being out that night…I continued wondering about this in the days after completing; the sign of a good book!

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