What I wanted to do in Dublin

Transport into Dublin

What I did in Dublin

Would I go back to Dublin?

What I wanted to do in Dublin

Did not have specific plans. Thought maybe Guinness brewery tour although thought it may be expensive.

Transport into Dublin

As taxi into Centre of Dublin was 20euros and only two of us, opted to pay cruise company for shuttle bus which was 16euro return each.

What I did in Dublin

Another sunny day which spent dipping in and out of places.

Brief visit to Natural history museum (free) Interesting to see some of the skeletons for example elephant without trunk as no bone in that and polar bear looked so skinny. But felt bit macabre to stay long.

National gallery for bit of art (free). Some of the galleries were closed due to change over of exhibitions. What we saw was generally not my preferred type of art; classical, dark, paintings in gold frames. Best was landscapes by Nathanial Hone collection.

Picnic lunch in grounds of Trinity college. Followed by look at some art there (free). When told upon entry, not to touch the artwork, I felt patronised but, then whilst looking to work out, how a pair of denim shorts had been made hard (I think painted inside with plaster of Paris, I placed my hand on the bar they were on. The bar was like what you may chain bicycles to, but I did realise suddenly it may part of the piece. Sure enough, the lady who had let us in came down to tell me off.

Went in Seamus Heaney exhibition (free) as I remembered studying him at school. Sure enough, his poem Digging which is the one, I remember most was the first poem seen. I particularly liked the display for rain stick as they had a rainstick next to it which, could tip as read poem (See instragram Wonderwall360 for a picture). At the end fittingly there was reference to the last text that Heaney had sent his wife ‘Don’t be afraid. As someone had painted, this on side of a wall in Dublin then this had been recreated in exhibition; there was a blackboard with Don’t be afraid in big illuminated letters. As you could write on the walk, I decided to add some Oasis lyrics:

Under Don’t I wrote ‘Look Back in anger’.

Next to Be I wrote ‘Here Now’

Under Afraid to go after the whole Starement ‘Don’t be afraid’ …. ‘If the morning when it Dawns’ Then I signed it Wonderwall360 (See instragram for pictures).

My boyfriend insisted on taking me to the General post office, but he did not real explain it’s significance in Irish rebellion properly he just kept saying ‘last stand’ occurred there and I did not really understand what meant. We went in building but, it was £14 Euros to see the exhibition to find out more; I declined his offer to pay. I’m glad he saved his money for the ice cream he bought me later at Ginos. Apparently Ginos freshly churn it, each day. I had creme brûlée and lemoncello sorbet in a tub with meringue topping.

Would I go back to Dublin?

There was nothing wrong with Dublin but do not feel in a rush to return. That may just be because, previous day in Cobh was so thrilling. If went back would consider Guinness brewery tour as closest got was drinking a Hop House 13 larger in Dublin which is brewed in the Guinness brewery. I would also consider looking in the General post office.

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