Top 5 Tuesday KLMNO

Sarah at Bionic books

has set the challenge over July to think of a book, starting with each letter of the alphabet; it is hard to think of book titles for each letter! Especially as when start thinking so many book titles start with ‘the’.

For this section of alphabet I get to mention books from three of my favoured authors; Jodi Piccoult, Diane Chamberlain and David Nicholas.

K is for Keeping the light by Diane Chamberlain. I like that it is centred around a lighthouse and I like lighthouses.

L is for Let me lie by Claire Mckintosh. A thriller I have just read.

M is for My sister’s keeper, is the first Piccoult, I read and therefore the one that got me hooked.

N is for 19minutes, another Piccoult. It is about a double teen suicide.

O is for One day by David Nicholas. I loved it so much, that I would love a sequalae. I have been having a go at stirring a sequalae and published the first part of the sequalae yesterday. I don’t have whole book, in me so instead I’m just writing a few blog posts by Dexter’s daughter Jasmine.

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