First Man (on the moon) Film Review

It is apt that in the month of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, I watched the film First Man which is based on the biography of that first man on the moon Neil Armstrong (20thJuly1969). I learnt from the film about the death of Armstrong’s daughter and colleagues in training incidents. At the time of watching, I did not know it was based upon a biography and found it a little dull; it seems they did not cherry pick from the biography or glamorise; poor special effects and lack of drama. Of course you know Armstrong is going to land on the moon, so you are not on edge of seat, waiting to see. Strangely the landing itself seemed a very minor part of the film ( or it may be I had switched off by this part at the end).

Although I was relieved to get to the end, I was left with thoughts of how remarkable the feat was given the lives lost to achieve the landing. However, I felt the story of the first landing on the moon could have been put across in a better way than basing it on a biography. Basing it on Armstrong’s biography means I was not enlightened as to the roles Buzz Aldrin’s and Michael Collins in actual landing

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