Jasmine’s Blog: 18th July Introducing Jasmine Viola Alison

Today, I’m going right back to my very beginning well not quite conception eew!!! But my birth without the gory bits, in case you my reader are squeamish. I was born on 3rd January 2000, this means I will always be as old as the century so now, I’m 19 and half Ish years old. Apparently I was a neat but, healthy 61bs 6oz. I ruined my Mum’s figure, she has spent last 19years periodically complaining about that, as she rushed to Pilates or created juices or refused desserts. I think, the fear of her putting on even a gram, is why I’m an only child. I mean, I would never have had full siblings because my parents marriage did not last long enough. In fact it had barely started when I was born. Their wedding, was 14thSeptember1999, I was born 3rd January 2000.

I was not named after the Disney Princess. I think before, he was a Father, my Dad has never seen a Disney film. My Mum would have considered naming a child after a Disney character vulgar; her family are more playing charades together than watching a film types. It was the flower Jasmine my Mum liked; “pure white, simple and delicate”. She likes to say she may have not chosen her first, husband wisely but, she did have Jasmine scented wedding invites, Jasmine in her wedding bouquet and table decorations and named me Jasmine. My Father, pisses her off by saying the invitations were scented with lavender.

My Mum’s second favourite flowers are violas and hence that is my first middle name. My second middle name is Alison after my Father’s Mum.

Author: wonderwall360blog

So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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