Top 5 Tuesday F, G, H, I, J

Sarah at Bionic

books has set the challenge over July to think of a book, starting with each letter of the alphabet, 5 letters at a time on a Tuesday. It is hard to think of book titles for each letter! Especially as when start thinking so many book titles start with ‘the’.

For these had to go back a bit; even to childhood reading for J.

F is for Flora and Grace by Maureen Lee. A woman in wartime hands her baby out of train window in order to save her from concentration camp. The story follows the baby and adopted Mum’s story.

G is for Gone girl (extra points for doubling?).

H is for House rules by Jodi Piccoult.

I is for Into the water by Paula Hawkins (author girl on the train).

J is for James and the giant peach πŸ‘ Roald Dahl.

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