Six on Sunday: Characters who deserve another book: their own book

A prompt from:

1. A follow up to the Martian 👽, which I gave recently read. As would like to know what happened next!

2. At university, I read the spoils of time trilogy starting with No Angel, following generations of the Lyton family, so really became invested in the family and all the different characters as they progressed from children to parents to grandparents. Therefore would like to catch up with them again. There will not be anymore in the series because the author Penny Vincenzo, died in 2018.

3. Similarly would love to read further books about Ruby and her descendants. I found these in The House by Princess Park by Maureen Lee.

4. Nanny from Lullaby. As would like to know more of her story as the book was left ambiguous as to her motives and background.

5. Don and Rosie from Rosie Project and Effect by Gramme Simision – I want the next instalment from their love story.

6. Jasmine Mahew. the daughter of Dexter from One Day In fact, I’m going to start a series of blog posts from her; to give her own story. The story will start on that special One Day 15th July. So watch out for the posts from 15th July onwards! Jasmine is 19 and half Ish years old today.

I was inspired to start writing as Jasmine by

when we was talking about, sequels in response to last week’s prompt 6 book wish could be wriiten and I said would like a One Day Sequalae. And she said why did I not write it. I was not sure had a book in me, but then came up with idea of writing just a sequence of blog posts as Jasmine instead of a book.

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