Top 5 Tuesday – April 2019 Topics! Space book and lyrics

I’m not one for sc -fi books so there is only 1 space book that I can think I have read. That is Gravity by Tess Gerritsen. who also wrote the Rizzollo and Isle series. I enjoyed it. By chance I happened to read it at a very similar time to watching the film Gravity with Sandra Bullock at the cinema. I noticed the similar trope; female astronaut becomes stranded alone in spaceship, however have only just discovered Gerritsen accused the film of plagiarism although the plotline not exactly the same.

As only came up with 5 books some space lyrics instead.

1. The first that came to mind was David Bowie Space Oddity as heard it in a pub last week.

“This is major Tom.

To ground control…2

2. The second that came to mind was Babylon Zoo, Spaceman. When I asked my boyfriend for suggestions this was the first he thought of then the second was David Bowie Space Oddity as he was with me in the pub when it was played.

3. By my favourite band Oasis; Champagne supernova.

“Champagne supernova in the sky’

4. I was thinking of songs that mentioned moon or stars and thought of the following even though it is not really about space like the first 3. The song is That’s amore by Dean Martin and the two lines below were a an ear worm that stuck for quiet a while when I did some Italian classes at college and

“When the moon hit’s your eye like a big piece of pie.

That’s amore”

5. Girl from Mars by Ash. I can remember hearing this at Leeds Festival.

If you have 5 actual space book suggestions feel free to create a post and ping it back to Bionic Book worm. Alternatively please see her post below which is April’s top 5 topics.

Bionic Book Worm

Eek! It’s finally spring! The warmer weather is finally here….. well yes, I consider 40 degrees warmer….. it’s above zero lol! I am SOOO excited for this spring and summer. So many amazing things are happening! I sometimes stick to a theme of sorts when the seasons chance, but this month I’m a little all over the place! There should be a topic this month that will fit everyone 🙂

This month, as you will notice on April 9th, there will be no topic for that day. I am taking my daughter and her friend to Toronto for a concert so I won’t have the chance to update a participants list. I know that there are some of you that are lost without a topic SO – if you want to post, feel free to go back to a topic you may have missed 🙂 Without further ado, here are…

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