Tuesday Top 5 spines from Shelves and Top 5 British Authors

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Last week I did not get to submit my spine for the Bionic Book worm topic.

I’m sharing the top 5 spines from my shelves on instragram  Wonderwall360 as run out of storage space here. It was interesting to look at spines, considering that is what tend to see when on bookshelf unless turn books around….

Backwards books on shelves

Yet the spines are often overlooked.

This week good to read where differ contributers from. It can be difficult to think of books, so I’m not absolutely claiming these are my top.

1. David Nicholas. Have enjoyed many of his books particularly one day. Last year in Edinburgh I traced characters steps.


One Day footsteps from 15Jul1988 by David Nicholas

2. The late Roald Dahl books are still enjoyed by children today. I also enjoyed reading his biographical books and short stories for adults.

3. Have read Hunter Davis biography, his auto biography of Wainwright, book of lists and love reading his newspaper articles including his compilations of football articles.

4. As need more will say Juddith Lennox as I have kept her books after reading as a teenager, and they now reside on my shelves. But I do not know, if I would enjoy them now.

5. For a gentle read and even rereads (which is unusual for me) often turn to Maureen Lee’s which are mostly wartime sagas.


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