Supercalifraglicous? Mary Poppin Returns film review

If you hate musical films then you are unlikely to like this musical film. Some who like musicals or who can really get into the spirit of the film may find it enchanting. others will be les enthusiastic , perhaps you need t go with low exceptions, be a child or go with a child to get the most out of it. If you go expecting to hear the classics like Supercalifraglistic, you will be disappointed as the they are not in the film.

Personally I did not mind the musical numbers, but was not wowed by them. Perhaps I have been spoiled by the musicals of the preceding January’s: La La aLand and The Greatest showman; Poppins did not seem to be on the same scale.
It was a long film, but did not drag for me . I can not find much to specifically criticise; found some of the acting in the beginning before Poppin’s arrival a little wooden, I’m not a fan of animation and the film contained some animated scenes. Overall, it was a pleasant viewing experience, i just felt like others have said not completely wowed.

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