#SixWordStoryChallenge January 5th 2019

We are back! If your resolution is to write a 6 word story in 2019, follow the link below to Kirstwrites. Even if that is not your resolution why not as a writter have a go? Kirsty has provided the prompt of RESOLUTION as your starting point, so all you have to do is come up with 6 words!

I will provide you a new prompt, here this time next week.


It’s the first Saturday of 2019, so it’s time to get back into the #SixWordStoryChallenge with a brand new logo designed by Wonderwall featuring a freshly sharpened pencil to jot down your miniature story ideas. Happy New Year everyone! If you’ve just dropped by for the first time, welcome. And if you’re an old hand at Six-Word Storytelling, welcome back.


So without further ado, your prompt for this week is (wouldn’t you just know it): RESOLUTION

And my six-word story is:

Veganuary’s easy. Letting you go? Impossible.

Want to play along? Ok, here’s how it works:

Each Saturday at 9am (GMT) either this blog or my cohost Sara at Wonderwall360 will post a prompt for you to use to create a six word story. The prompt will usually be one word and it is not necessary for you to use this word in your story, it’s merely intended as inspiration.

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