100 years since first general election that women could vote in and be elected as MPs

100 years ago in 1918, the first women in the UK gained the right to vote. Women over 30, were allowed to vote. In the same year a law was passed to allow women to be elected as MPs.

According to Wikipedia The 1918 United Kingdom general election was called immediately after the Armistice with Germany which ended the First World War, and was held on Saturday 14 December 1918. It was the first general election to be held on a single day, although the vote count did not take place until 28 December due to the time taken to transport votes from soldiers serving overseas.

In the 1918 election Constance Markievi was elected as a MP however, she did not sit in parliament due to being a member of Sein Fein. The first women to sit in parliament was Nancy Astor, she was elected following a by election in December 1919.

100 years on, the where there is a man, in the house, it is still them that the form to confirm how many eligible to vote is sent to and to request postal votes. I missed voting once because, I had a university exam on Election Day and my Dad omitted to get me a postal vote. I have also missed voting once because I was unexpectedly in hospital with a broken leg. Apart from that, in honour of the women that fought so that I had the right to vote, I have always voted.

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