Lullaby or Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani

As part of a conversation with Leïla Slimani event at Sheffield university, I was able to ask whether she preferred the title of the copy that I have Lullaby or the title as published in America; Perfect Nanny.

Unsurprisingly given the background of the title which she explained; she preferred Lullaby which is closest to the title she gave the book. The original French title is Chanson Deuce which is a French lullaby. Apparently Leïla had to be nagged by her publisher to come up with a title. Finally late on, it came to her as she sang the Chanson deuce to her son.

I liked the irony of the title Perfect Nanny. Similarly Lullaby is on the surface a innocent name but, in the context of the novel plot is more sinister. Especially how Leïla explained that Lullabies are sung at a time when children are scared; of going to sleeping and nightmares. She describes lullabies as a way of hypnotising children to sleep.

Not really a SPOILER once read first chapter … but may be warned about reading ahead.

First chapter implies Nanny killed children, I always expected a twist….

Because I was always expecting a twist, then I did not previously spend much time considering nannies motives. Now thinking about, this has added another layer to the book for me. Leïla explained about the concept of Murder de ‘Solidarity?’ where killing someone is done with belief that helping them. Like lulling then to ultimate sleep.

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