Gimson Prime Ministers: Lord Palmerston

Lived 1784-1865

Prime minister: 1855 – 58 and 1859 – 1865

He was the oldest first time prime minister ever at 70years old. He had been involved in politics since he was 22 years old, handling foreign affairs. Significantly his diplomacy led to the creation of Belgium 🇧🇪 in the 1830s.

He was not well liked by Queen Victoria or his colleagues. He was dismissed from foreign secretary by former prime minister John Russell but, he managed to oust Russell as prime minister. First Lord Derby had short spell as prime minster then Lord Aberdeen and Palmerston became Home Secretary. Lord Aberdeen’s spell as prime minister was cut short when he was ousted due to being held responsible for the Crimean war. With the situation in disarray Queen Victoria reluctantly allowed Palmerston to become prime minister.

Palmerston did resolve the Crimeran war and supported Florence Nightingale who has a place in history for the successes she had in terms of armies medical needs. Palmerston was briefly ousted in 1858 and Lord Derby returned, however Palmerston, swiftly returned a few months later in 1859. His popularity increased, in his 70s he retained remarkable energy cycling and climbing Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh for example. He managed to gain an increase majority in an election he called in 1865. However, within months of this after driving an open top carriage he caught a chill and died in October 1865, two days before his 85th birthday.

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