Words that speak volumes #6week stories

How many newspaper headlines and articles, say Grandmother or Grandfather. It is a lot less words than saying 65year old woman with two grown up daughters and 4 grandchildren. Yet is still tells you gender, gives an indication of age and tells you she is a Mother. Often it is used to emotively to suggest vulnerability.

Similarly Princess as six week stories for that prompt have shown, can imply femininity, status, power, diva like behaviour… Yet if you talk about princesses from yesterday which are you talking about if say:

Princess was not a Mother of a princess?

It could be any from toddler Princess Charlotte to Princess Anne who chose not to accept titles for her children.

Princess can imply youth and Grandmother age yet, both words can describe Grandmother Princess Anne.

Using words not typically associated can create extra layers for Princess was enjoying HIS birthday.


Words that reference literature can be used as shorthand for other words. During princess week, have had stories referencing Princess and the pea and Cinderella. Or if say forlorn Romeo – what do you assume he is sad about? The prompt for the coming week is superstition, words like black cat and thirteen are words in that context that can be used as short hand. If you can come up with a 6 week story for SUPERSTITION, pop over to Kirsty’s blog to submit it.


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