Victober: Alice in Wonderland

Have seen  short performances of Alice a couple of times and about 9 years ago the film though can not remember much about it.. Of course it permeates into general conscious with people talking about Eat me, drink me and mad hatters tea parties. I once went on jeep safari and I did not know t the time, that thew quote the girl opposite me had on her leg was from Alice “Your completely bonkers, but all the best people are’. Therefore, I for a few months I thought I should immerse myself in it more, but thought the book may be too wordy for me. I instead decided to try audio book.

When I did some research in advance of Victober, just after completing the audio book; I found Alice was written in Victorian times.
I’m pleased I did go for the audio book, I think I may have found the book too slow. What I got from the book, was it was basically Alice continually shrinking and growing. The audio book I got was 2 hours long. I chose Sheridian Smith as narrator, to me it sounded like she was using her ‘phone voice’ and I did not engage with the narration as much as I thought I would.
One factor, I felt naive about, in terms of Alice in Wonderland was how Tweedle Di and and Tweedle Dum fitted in. Audibles have e-mailed and apparently the book I listened to is just the first in the Alice series. Having googled I have found Tweedle di and Dum do not come in until later in the series in Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice Found There
 Needless to say, I ‘m not in a rush to read or listen to more Alice, but I would watch other performances to Alice which can bring it to life.

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