Wonderwall360 Hump Day Careers: Taking a sabbatical


I recently took a sabbatical. It is something, I had never really considered doing prior to redundancy. During my time at my job prior to redundancy, I had bought a house, sold that and bought another; so I was on a very traditional route of building a career in tandem with climbing the property ladder. Having interrupted that pathway; it seemed a good time to do something I wanted to do rather then than what I thought I should do. In my case I took a month of to work at the Edinburgh fringe, which allowed me to see lots of shows.


Taking a sabbatical is something I would recommend for anyone. Taking an extended period away can give you new perspectives and is refreshing.


I had to ask two employees to do it. For one I justified saying my work projects were not urgent, therefore one month would not make difference; for that one I e-mailed clients working with so that they were aware I would not be available and prioritised according to their needs before I went. My other employer who work in a café for took, more persuading; they wanted to know how it would help development; I therefore wrote a long list of how it will help my customer service skills. During my time away, I visited two other braches of their café and posted photos on our internal google+ (corporate social media). When I have my performance review I will write about how it has developed me; therefore hopefully they eill support the idea in others.

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