Circus playlist

Circus is the prompt for this week’s 6 word story. #6wordstory

1. At the Western Park exhibition, I learnt that For the benefit of Mr Kite was about a circus performer. I can not recall hearing, so I got Alexa to play. The intro does not immediately, make me think of circus. Later there are jingly bits, that sound like music may hear at a circus. Talks about trampoling, men of horses, hoops and fire. It talks of how Mr Kite performs at three at Fishergate.I looked up Fishergate, there seems to be one in Preston but Liverpool, so not sure where that comes from.

Alexa then got a little stuck thinking of songs about circuses or clowns. But once google and had titles she could play.

2. I found Brittany Spears has a song called circus. She talks about being the ring leader, performer and fire cracker; how all eyes are on her in the centre of the ring and when she cracks the whip….

3. Circus Money by Walter Becker. Alexa could play like this. It talks about tiger sleeping and can’t wake up.

4. Cirque da rue by Plain White Tees. Alexa refused to play this despite several attempts; may have been my pronunciation. I turned to YouTube instead. It talks of pretty girls being cut in half to make us laugh.

Of course the Greatest Showman is a film about circus, so whole soundtrack could be in playlist.

5. The soundtrack starts with Greatest Show. It is very dramatic. Ladies and gentlemen this is moment been waiting for. It is fire, it is freedom. Do not know why Alexa did not suggest it, seen as had her play it before!

Are you any better than Alexa at suggestions?

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