Wonderwall360 Careers: Edinburgh Fringe for performers

For unknown performers, Edinburgh fringe at least finically is a strange career choice. Most unknown performers, do not make money performing at the fringe. It costs thousands to put on a show with renting space to host it, time to develop, props, lighting. Then there is cost of accommodation in Edinburgh such as the accommodation. Most performers make a loss at the festival. Therefore, it is amazing that the festival keeps going. I guess the performers do it regardless of finical risk because:

  • Chance may lead to bigger things.
  • It is good forum to try ideas.
  • The chance to showcase talents.
  • The festival experience.

My tips for success (disclaimer I’m not an expert!)

  • Shows starting with a number of A or even AA appear closer to front of fringe brochure so more people see.
  • Be punchy with show title; do not start with The.
  • Pick venue wisely where passing trade and staff who will promote show.
  • Support other performers and they may return favour; it helps get word of mouth for show.
  • Flyer!!!! Gimmicks when flying like half price tickets or pin badges helps get an audience.
  • Get reviews from media to raise awareness.
  • Use social media to get awareness.
  • If newbie do not self title show; it looks egotistical.
  • Be nice to people in venue to encourage them to help you. Someone was rude to me, insisting I found space for their flyers; I did put flyers out, but as rude no chance I was going to their show or highlighting show to anyone.
  • Be aware probably will lose money.
  • Once there try and enjoy experience, accepting as expected losing money.
  • Take vitamins when at Fringe as Fringe flu not nice!

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