Au Revoir Edinburgh

I’m leaving  Edinburgh after living here for the last month, wearing my kilt. I have done so much in the city:

  • Experienced lots of the fringe festival.
  • Seen Ruth Jones at book festival.
  • Been to the tattoo.
  • Viewed visual art.
  •  Eaten haggis
  • Eaten Scotish oysters.
  • Sampled Scotish whisky.
  • Minted a coin and seen a million pounds in cancelled notes at the Museum on the mound.
  • Climbed Arthur’s seat and Carlton Hill.
  • Toured Scotish parliament.
  • Been to the beach.
  • Been underground in the city vaults during ghost tour.
  • Took part in a ceilidh (Scotish dancing):
  • Seen two gold post boxes.
  • Been to the zoo.

There are many great points of Edinburgh yet, for me they do not combine to give that Je Nas Se Quoi factor. To be fair, August it is packed with tourists so that can be a off putting. It has got some great articheture; the magnificent castle on the hill, the Scotts memorial and lots of domes, towers and turrets. The Salisbury crags including Arthur’s seat provide a picturesque back drop from many locations. There is great views from the tops of the crags and Carlton Hills. Additionally from some points in the city centre the sea can be glimpsed. Yet some how I don’t get Edinburgh’s spirit. Bars and restaurants are quite fyk I spread out. In the very centre all shops are touristy. Clothes shops are spread along one side of Princes street, so it does not feel like a proper shopping centre where there are shops on both sides that can zig zag, between.

It is a USP that Edinburgh is a City with a beach. The beach is in an area of Edinburgh called Portabella. At points on the promenade you can see both the crags and the beach. Walking away from the beach towards the city you get views of Carlton Hill. Portabella sounds more glamorous than it is. The housing is quite ugly; lots of blocks of flats. The high street is mostly charity shops. I do love Portabella pool particularly the Turkish baths. The Turkish baths has a stream room with colour changing lights, different temperature rooms to relax in. The main room has beautiful windows in high ceiling; some white glass and some red. Best of all it only costs £7.20.

Of course, I loved the Fringe Festival so that , would draw me back again! On my return I would also like to:

  • Go up Carlton hill again.
  • Go back to Portabella Turkish baths.
  • Visit Museum of Modern Art which did not do this time.
  • Possibly, go round the whisky experience rather than just into shop.
  • Go back to Loch Fyne restaurant.

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