A-Z Edinburgh

I was inspired by Amelia in Hull who did a Hull A-Z, to do an A-Z of Edinburgh; where I have lived for a month.


There would be pictures but reached my storage limit for second time in 2018

😦 Instead I’m adding pictures to instragram.


A is for Arthur’s seat.

Annual Comedy on Arthur’s seat

B is for Boxes. Police 👮‍♀️ boxes which Edinburgh has more of than anywhere else. They are no longer used as police boxes some acre coffee bars others ghost tour offices and some apparently are just empty.

C is for castle.

D is for dram of whiskey.

E is for Edinburgh seaside. Which is an area of the city called Portabella.

F is for fudge found in many gift shops.

G is for giant pandas 🐼 . The only giant pandas in the UK are in Edinburgh zoo.

Gaint Pandas 🐼 Edinburgh zoo

H is for Hoy. There are two gold post balloon boxes in Edinburgh to honour Edinburgh born Chris Hoy’s two 2012 Olympic medals.

I is for International  festival. The international festival was the first performing arts festival in August, but it only included 8 companies. Therefore a fringe festival spring up around it. Today the fringe is bigger than the international festival and therefore more International and Inclusive.

J is for JK Rowling. Much of Harry Potter was written in Edinburgh with it’s many towers and turrets. It is believed that Rowling got inspiration from some of the graves, for example Tom Ridley.

K is for kilts. As the traditional dress of Scotland there are many kilt shops and kilts are sold in most tourist shops. There is one remaining working kilt mill in Edinburgh, next to castle and can peek into see kilt machines.

L is for Leith lighthouse.

M is for Monument. The Scott Memorial.

Scott Memorial vs Festival Wheel

N is for National gallery.

O is for oysters.

P is for parliament.

Q is for Queen’s Mother memorial garden within the botanical garden.

R is for Royal mile which connects the two former palaces in Edinburgh; the castle (C) and Holyrood palace. It is apparently a mile between them. It is now a busy tourist street with lots of tourist shops. During August it is packed with performers, performing and handing out flyers for their shows; for this reason some locals like to avoid the Royal mike in August.

S is for Scottish steps. 104 marble steps.

T is for Tattoo.

U is for Underground vaults.Due to the way Edinburgh was built there are vaults underneath parts of the city, which can be  visited on tours such as ghost 👻 tours.

V is for Volcano 🌋 Arthur’s seat is an extinct volcano.

W is for Waverley station. It is the only train station in the world named after a book. Waverley is a book by Walter Scot (see M).

X is for Xs (crosses). There is a cross on Scotish flag so there are a few Xs around.

Y is for yacht. The Royal Yacht Britainia is now a tourist attraction moored in Leith.

Z is for zoo.

Edinburgh Zoo Other Views

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