#6wordstory My stories for prompt EXPECTATIONS

Not sure yet, what I’m submitting as my story.

Played around with a couple around Southgate. But by Thursday and the vote for 6word story, they may not work as well.

1996 zero to waistcoated hero?

Villified by miss.

Becomes waistcosted hero.

It is a crazy week. It is only 3am on Wednesday and already head spinning. Can not count on anything. Mon / Sun: Two ministers resigned from government and Queen did not go to great Grandson’s christening.

Belgium out of World Cup when my expectation was to go all the way.

At the beginning of the Cup there was not confidence of England going far but currently chants of football coming home. My expectations for England are lower than for Belgium as used to England causing heartbreak. I can not remember them playing in 1990 semi final.

Or maybe

Back of net! Betting slip torn.

Although I can not bear to tear my betting slip, in case I have just had a bad dream.

Who knows what will happen by Sunday? Trump is visiting UK. There is third place play off and final to come.

Came up with below, which is 7 words. Not sure if works without the word unpredictability?

Unpredictability: Ministerial resignations, World Cup, American Idiot.


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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence using wondewall as blog name.

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