US covers vs UK covers


More of my opinion on covers. Covers this time provided by with the twist that US covers are pitted against UK covers. Scroll down to the bottom to see overall result of US vs UK.  Do you like more US or UK?

The US cover will be first.


Like UK better, the US is too bland for me.


UK more striking image.


US more interesting image.


UK as more colourful.


US version as like the four faces compared to the UK version which is all text.


US version more vibrant colours.


UK version as looks like a firework and more vibrant.


Having read a Patrick Ness, do not want to read more, however like UK cover better.


US version more vibrant colours.


This does not look like my kind of book. But like UK better as find the eagle image more striking.


UK version as like the yellow background more than white background.


UK version, Again having a face draws you to it more than version without face. Again though, it does not look like my kind of book.


I really like both covers. Think marginally prefer UK.


Us version as face hidden on UK. like that Big Ben is in background of US version.


UK version as more impact, with the more vibrant colours. It feels like more writing on US and all the text is squished up at the top.


Interesting title. Like the UK better. The UK cover suggests interesting character lead book,  the US  cover suggests dystopian which, I’m not keen on.


The US version again though not interested in reading.

Total US vs UK

US = 7

UK = 10

Marginal win for UK covers. As I live in the UK des this show who ever decides on the covers really knows what work in different markets?

Confessions of a YA Reader

A member in a facebook group asked about UK covers the other day and I thought that would be a great post to make here.  Most of these are US vs UK, but there may be another country shown.  I looked at Book Depository because I love to buy UK books from them.  Here are some that I found that are different.

The US cover will be first.

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One thought on “US covers vs UK covers”

  1. With these, the UK certainly won for me too. Saying that though, I think the US and the UK had the same covers for specific books at one point because I have all the Infernal Devices books in the old UK covers, which in this case happens to be the US cover.

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