#30dayswild: Day 19 Junkfood project market and meal

The Junkfood project takes food that has gone past it’s display to, date and ‘sells it’. You have to queue and is quite noisy, with things being bashed about. Whilst I was queuing there was bread where queuing. Then get to fruit and vegetables and given basket and have to ask for what want. Then there were flowers and foods in chiller / fridge/ freezer. Everyone can only fill one basket. You pay £1 for this service plus pay as feel for the food. I felt a bit guilty being there like other people, there deserved the food more but, guess you can even this up by donating more to keep project going.

I got some beautiful sunflowers originally from Marks and Spencer’s. Some plain pancakes, scotch pancakes, couple of sachets Morrison’s sauces, pack of mince, strawberries, mushrooms and beansprouts. I also got these viola flower which are intended to be a decorative thing; I’m not surprised they were not sold in the shop, I would not have bought.

I made a couple of unusual meals. I fried onions I already had with the mince, beansprouts and mushrooms then split into two. I did one half with coconut and lime sauce and the other with chilli. I added pasta. I ate the coconut and lime today and decorated with violas as the mixture was quite grey, they did actually make it look better. I’m taking the chilli for lunch tomorrow.

It was fun, being inventive and with the ingredients. To add to the randomness after the market I bought strawberry angel delight and sauce. I wrapped the angel delight and strawberries in pancakes. I meant to put strawberry sauce in too, but forgot until I had wrapped, so I used that to decorate.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence using wondewall as blog name.

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