Sunset of books..

A quick pick of 5 red, yellow and orange books from my shelf inspired by Bionic Book Worm’s Tuesday prompt of yellow, orange and red books aka sunset colours.

1. The only yellow book on my shelves. We are all completely besides ourselves. This is one I read for book club. It is ok, but not one would shout about.

2. An orange book. One Day by David Nicholas, this one I would recommend. I read the book. Lent the book to an acquaintance to read before film. Watched film. They lost the book 😦 I have kept my eyes open for a copy in good condition in a charity shop and finally found one last year. I plan to reread it in Edinburgh and take it up Arther’s seat, with me later this year.

3. An old red book. The secret of Spiggy Holes by Enid Blyton. I passed the rest of my Enid Blyton because books on to friend’s daughter’s last year. However, I kept this one as my sister bought it for me because she wanted me to have a proper old hard back edition.

4. A newish to me red book. The girl with the dragon tattoo. I bought this book last year in a charity shop. After reading, I bought the next two by Steig Larsson and saved for holiday reading.

5. Another red book. A magincefent looking red hardback book. A good book for displaying for example as a coffee table book particularly as it is good for picking up and flicking through. I love Hunter Davis writing, I have read his auto biography, his Wainwright biography, bits of Lakes book and various newspaper articles.

Enjoyed his lists too. Below is a sample of his writing from the introduction. Some of the vocabulary may seem odd but, I think of it as Cumbrian and therefore love it.

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