Care package from Angela part 4 of 4: Ginger biscuits

This was the most familiar part of the package as get ginger biscuits in the UK. I have given half the pack to my parents seen as my Mum, bought some of the products I sent to New Zealand.

This was such a fun idea both receiving the parcel and putting the parcel I sent together! So pleased I have tried pineapple lumps (see part 1).


A posh looking chocolate bar.

It tasted and looked like Carmac chocolate which is seen occasionally in the UK.

It had bits of biscuits in that made it crunchy. There are various chocolate bars in UK that have whole biscuits in like Kitkat and Twix, but not sure there is one with just bits in? Possibly I may have had a Yorkie with biscuit and raisins?

Always love chocolate, especially posh chocolate, someone else has bought 🙂

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